Assisting Developmentally Disabled Adults in Brooklyn for Over 50 Years!

Promoting Individualization, Independence, Inclusion and Productivity

The carrying out the mission of ARC, Inc. is the responsibility of its volunteer officers and directors. These dedicated individuals contribute time and energy to insure that the work of the founding-parents will always continue.


President: Harvey Serota

Executive Vice President: Jaimie Blackman

Vice President: Michael Smith

Treasurer: Oscar Cohen

Secretary: Nan Kramer


  • Sandy Cohen
  • Roberta Brenman
  • Angela Villanella
  • Dr. Flize Bryan

Past Presidents:

  • Roberta Brenman
  • Steve Bonom
  • Oscar Cohen
  • Shirley Gershberg
  • Marilyn Hirschhorn
  • Barry Picker

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