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I. Overview of Compliance Plan 2
II. Elements of the Compliance Program 3
III. Definitions 4
IV. Healthcare Laws and Statement of Policy 5

Corporate Compliance Policy

  • Employees Code of Conduct
  • Conflict of Interest Policy Statement
  • Employee Conflict of Interest Policy (Amended)
  • Exclusion Screening

Compliance Program Oversight

  • The Role of the Compliance Officer                                                        
  • The Structure, Duties and Role of the Compliance Committees              
VII. Education and Training 8
VIII. Effective Confidential Communication 9
IX. Enforcement of Compliance Standards 10
X. Auditing and Monitoring of Compliance Activities 11
XI. Detection and Response                                                                                         12
XII. Whistleblower Provisions and Protections                                                         
XIII. Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act (HIPAA) Compliance 14

Compliance Forms

FORM A Conflict of Interest Affirmation
A-1 Directors and Officers
A-2 Employees

FORM B Compliance Training Acknowledgement

Compliance Officers and Executive Directors-Contact Information


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