Assisting Developmentally Disabled Adults in Brooklyn for Over 50 Years!

The ARC was founded with love, devotion, and courage during a time when parents had nowhere else to turn for help in caring for their developmentally disabled children.


Prior to the turn of the century, very few options existed for families of developmentally disabled individuals. The Great Depression left asylums and state run mental institutions in a further diminished state. In the 1940s parents of developmentally disabled babies were told by medical experts to place their children in one of these asylums and move on. However, in 1940 seven sets of Brooklyn parents refused to listen, instead, taking their children home to love, nurture, and teach.

The parents were able to find minimal resources to assist in the raising and development of their children, however when the children reached 16 or 17 there were no more services to be found. Instead of giving up, the determined parents created their own organization to provide services that their young adult children required.

Birth of the ARC:

In December of the year 1955, the Adult Resources Center (formally the Adult Retardates Center, Inc.) received its charter from New York State. The organization grew to encompass pioneering programs in socialization, education, travel, and occupational training. Due to the commitment of the first seven sets of parents, their children became the first generation of developmentally disabled children to live to advanced adulthood.

In 1974, after substantial financial and societal struggle, the ARC opened its first group home in Brooklyn, New York. Four more homes followed assuring the vision of these courageous parents would always endure. The ARC now includes five homes, Prevocational Services, Day Habilitation Services, Recreation and Leisure Services, and Medicaid Service Coordination.

Assisting developmentally disabled adults in living a dignified life in a safe and loving environment is the ARC’s very special mission.

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