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The ARC is now going into it’s 60th year of giving services to mentally-challenged and develop-mentally-disabled individuals.  I am very pleased to report that the organization changed its name to Adult Resources Center.  The Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (O.P.W.D.D.), which oversees organizations such as ours, now regards the ARC as one of the leaders in "Social Services".

The ARC has certainly come a long way since its beginning.  ARC began by founders, who were actually a handful of concerned parents.  The families were concerned about their children’s well being and future.  The parents wanted to create a safe haven where their children would be treated with dignity and care, providing their sons and daughters with the proper services that would meet their special needs.  I would like to think that we are a continuation of their goals.

ARC converted Residence #1 from a 24-bed Community Residence, into two 12-bed IRAs.  Converting into an IRA versus a Community Residence, allows the consumers more services as well as bringing greater quality care for our individuals.

I am pleased to report that ARC’s programs, including Prevocational Services, Day Habilitation Services and Medicaid Service Coordination are all doing well.  We have also expanded the Day Habilitation Program to include a special "Music and Arts Program", serving additional people who can benefit from such services.  

I am very happy to share with you, from what I have seen, and from what I have heard from our consumers, that they are receiving the best of care.  They are happy, healthy and productive and are being cared for by our dedicated and caring staff. 

Our Executive Director, Francois Ledee, and our Residence Director, Donovan McKenzie, Sr. are keeping our residences in tip-top shape.  Our Board of Directors are working together to oversee the organization.  There are new ideas that we are currently working on, such as the possibility of purchasing a new residence.  This will not only allow for the growth of ARC, but the new residence will also ensure continued care for our "aging" population.  ARC, as it grows, will enable us to introduce new consumers with special needs and offer the opportunity to their families to become involved in the future of the Agency.  I like to call this a "Rebirth of the ARC".

Harvey Serota
President of the Board of Directors
A.R.C. Inc.

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