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Community Habilitation consists of services designed to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining, and improving the self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community based settings.

Through the provision of this service individuals learn, maintain, or improve skills through their participation in a variety of everyday life activities.  Each individual will learn skills that will help to live more independently in the context of these activities; this can be considered a functional approach to the delivery of services.  These activities must be necessary for individuals to live in the community, to live more independently, or to be more productive and participatory in community life.

Self Direction

Self Direction Service is an option of service delivery for individuals who wish to exercise more choice, control and authority over their support.  This allows individuals and families to have more power over their own lives.  This means that the individual is choosing to exercise employer authority.

They may choose to self-direct some or all of their supports and services.

They accept responsibility for helping to manage (co-manage) supports and services.

Respite Services         

Respite care is designed to provide temporary relief for families of children or adults with intellectual disabilities.  This allows families time to tend to the needs of their children, spouses, and themselves. Respite services can ensure that their loved one’s needs are met.

Respite care can be provided in the home or out of the home, during the day, evenings or overnight.  Services can be provided by family members, friends, or skilled care providers.

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